Need opinions...

Which wig do you think is closest to this one? Bangs can be added so ignore that. I do need the hair to have a dark brown-ish color though. If you find a closer one than the ones below, please let me know x___x I've tried so many sites and I'm still not completely satisfied: (buns could be cut or let down)

Similarly, does anyone have tips to style bangs of a wig to look like the giant curl on Jigglypuff?

December Pullips :D


November Pullips

You can see pictures of them here: and here:

I actually don't really like any of them. I like the Pullips wig and her eyechips, plus parts of her stock...but I hate her face-up.

I really don't like the Dal at all--I do like her lips and eyechips though, just once again, not the face-up. Maybe I'll like her re-wigged though. And I really dislike the outfit.

Taeyang...I actually like his face-up, eyes, and hair...but I do not like his outfit and I really don't need more Taeyangs either.

But yeah, at least my wallet is safe then.

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Pictures and profiles will hopefully be coming soon. I'm getting a new computer desk which should help lots as my mom misplaced my USB drive...

Besides that, I'll be sure to add all 4 Peter Pan profiles soon after. :3 I did buy each, but due to the fact that my desk is in pieces (I have my keyboard in my lap at the moment), it makes things a bit harder...

October Releases~

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I love Tiger Lily the best, hands down, which I find kind of ironic as I hate the actual character.

Peter Pan Pullip isn't half bad...but I seriously think the girlness is too obvious. I've seen the broadway play so I know how girls usually were Peter Pan...but still, it just doesn't work for me. I wish they waited for Dal's male friend or Taeyang's friend and made one of them Peter Pan instead.

Hook looks pretty cute without his mustache. I have to say.

Then there's Tinkerbell...I like her and don't at the same time. The outfit color is wrong, the hair color seems off, And the bow just doesn't work.

I'll probably get them though, all 4, as I adore Disney. I'm hoping the next volumes are better.


Name: Lulu Mali
Originally: LaLa
Birthday: July 24th
Age: 17
Blood Type: A
Favorite Color(s): Blue, Purple, and Pink
Favorite Dessert: Everything
Personality: Optimistic, up-beat, and bubbly. She loves to sing.



Name: Rosalie Burton
Originally: Princess Ann
Nicknames: Rosa
Birthday: September 2nd
Age: 22
Blood Type: A
Favorite Color(s): Pink, White, and Blue
Favorite Dessert: All
Personality: Having traveled all over the world, she's quite knowledgeable, and is now finally taking a chance to relax until somewhere new pops up.


September Pullip


...So. Much. Want. T___T I'll have to let her hair down though.

In a different note, Masami's (Rovam's) pink ninja outfit came today :3 It is awesome. I took photos.

Angelique and Unia (Erenfried) arrived today too so yay :D